The best gift to give your body is regular exercise be it at home or gym.

Once you get started with a fitness regime, you’ll begin to see and feel the benefits it renders to your body.

However, getting started to exercise regime is the hardest part.

Preparing yourself to get into an exercise routine where you know you’ll be hurt, you know you’ll have to push yourself and spend your time sweating to get the toned body is quite intimidating.

In short, it takes a lot of determination and discipline to achieve your fitness goals.

If you are thinking of starting to get in this hustle mode but don’t know where to begin, this is where you’ll get a list of cardio exercises for a workout at home.

Before you make a fitness program for yourself, please decide what your fitness goal is.

Is it to lose weight, gain strength or just weight management!

If you want to lose weight at home, cardio exercises are the best set of exercises that require less space and can be done easily at home.

For the other two, you might need equipment or expert guidance as they involve equipment.


Power Gummies - How Cardio Exercises Help in Weight Loss | Best Cardio Exercises For Loosing Weight at Home

Cardio or Cardiovascular exercises include the movement of full-body muscles and are an important component of your health and wellbeing.

For decades, cardio exercises have been considered the best exercise for weight loss.

Experts explain that a cardio workout at home or outdoors burns calories every minute.

What makes it a perfect fit for everyone is the fact that a 30 minutes cardio workout at home can help you burn an impressive amount of calories and also you don’t…

# Have to spend hours at the gym.

# Need to have a lot of space.

# Have to have the equipment to do cardio exercises.


# Increases blood circulation.

# Tones and strengthens heart muscles.

# Reduces high blood pressure in people.

# Reduces the risk of diabetes.

# Improves mobility to perform daily activities with ease.

# Reduces depression.

# Way to an active lifestyle.


Doing a cardio workout at home is more convenient than you might think.

It offers convenience, saves money, is efficient and a good cardio workout doesn’t require a lot of space. 

Below given is a list of cardio exercises for a workout at home to build muscle, burn calories and feel better!

- Burpees

Burpees are a killer cardio workout in a short period and don’t require any equipment.

This cardio exercise is a combination of squats, jumps, and pushes.

Burpees target your overall body fat and muscle groups like the chest, core and legs.

Power Gummies - Burpees for burning calories at home

All this makes it an effective workout.

To do a burpee, you have to alternate between a plank and jump forward in the air.

Pay attention that your hands lie flat on the ground and your back straight while you are performing burpees. 

# Do 10 reps (repetitions) in 30 seconds.

# Rest for 30 seconds.

# Repeat.

Continue this for 5 minutes.

Calories check: 5 minutes of burpees burn 25 calories (approx.)

Tip: You may skip the jump while coming up if you are a beginner. Try to start slow.

- Jump Rope or Invisible Jump Rope

You did this one for fun during childhood, now is the time to add this fun cardio exercise to your workout routine.

Jumping rope is considered one of the best cardio exercises to do at home or outdoors.

All you need is a single rope and if you don’t have it, you can imagine and take the position likewise.

Power Gummies - Jumping Rope For Burning Calories

Jump rope not only burns fat but also improves your heart rate.

You know how to do this one so

# Start with a warm-up of 10-20 jumps.

# Then jump continuously for around 15-20 minutes.

# Rest for 30 seconds.

# Repeat.

Complete three sets.

You can also try different jumping styles like one set on a single leg and alternate.

Calorie check: Jump rope for 1 hour burns about 1300 calories.

Tip: Set targets of 1000-2000 jumps if you want to stay motivated.

- Squats

Power Gummies - Squats For Burning Calories at home

You can add this cardio exercise to your workout or can do it alone.

As the name suggests, keep your feet spaced apart in line with your shoulder.

Now bend at the knees to squat.

From this position, jump in the air and extend your hips until the body is straight.

Land softly on your feet, it is a high impact workout, especially for your knees so avoid jumping if you are a beginner or suffer from a knee injury.

# Do 25 reps.

# Rest for 15 seconds.

# Repeat.

Try to complete at least 4 sets of this cardio exercise to lose fat.

Calorie check: You burn 8 calories every minute while doing squats.

Tip: If you want to perfect the position, try to keep a chair behind and do slow steps to focus on perfecting the posture.

- Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks too are high impact cardio exercises but can be easily done at home.

All you have to do is repeatedly jump the feet wide while circling the arms and then back again.

Power Gummies - Jumping Jacks For Burning Calories

# Do this for 10 minutes.

# Take a rest for 15 seconds in between.

Calorie check: Jumping jacks burn around 100 calories in 10 minutes.

Tip: You can add variations to this one as per your exercise level.

- Low-Intensity Cardio Exercises

If you are overweight or have physical limitations, opt for low-intensity cardio exercises such as jogging, walking, swimming, dance workouts and aerobics.

Start with the aim to walk around 8000-10000 steps a day to burn calories fast.

Once you feel comfortable, try increasing the intensity of workouts by carrying weights, while doing aerobics or jogging. 

Calorie check: You can burn around 300-400 calories by walking 10000 steps per day.

Tip: You can jog inside too by imitating jogging at one place.

- Dancing

While a lot of people are lazy when they hear cardio workout but here’s the flex.

Dancing is also a great part of cardio workouts at home.

Power Gummies - Burning Calories With Dancing at Home

Groove your body to upbeat music to burn calories and also enjoy the process of exercising.

Calorie check: You can burn around 200-400 calories with just half an hour of continuous dancing.

Tip: No tip, just move your body and let the muscles stretch.

- Climbing Stairs

That’s a part of your daily life, make it a part of cardio workout at home too!

Incorporate stairs in your exercise routine by just going up and down the stairs several times.

Calorie check: The calorie burned varies from person to person. Ranging from 100 to 500 calories in consideration with the steps.

Tip: You can advance the difficulty level by carrying weights.

- Mountain Climbers

Power Gummies - Mountain Climber Exercises For Burning Calories at Home

This cardio exercise might blast your abs and upper body but is an effective workout to lose a ton of calories.

This is an advanced exercise, especially for the lower portion.

Start in a pushup position and extend your left leg backwards and right leg near the chest.

Keep the hands on the ground and switch the position of your legs.

Continue with alternate legs jumping back and forth.

Calorie check: You can burn around 50 calories in 5 minutes.

Tip: If you are a beginner, skip jumping and follow just switching the legs.

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A 30 minutes cardio workout at home is equal to 1.5 hours spent at the gym.

You can also rely on YouTube videos to work out under expert guidance and bonus, you can do this from the comfort of your home.